It is 4:00 in the morning. A pollution alert is received by the system that continues until one o’clock in the afternoon.

Self-activating Smart Units were strategically placed in key positions at the main intersections in the sewers, at the entrance to industrial zones and at factories in industrial areas and in the city. Thus began the first pollution event exercise of its kind anywhere in the world.

In October, the first such drill was conducted in Hagihon (Jerusalem’s water and wastewater utility) Israel, in which a pollution event was simulated, lasting nine hours.

The exercise tested Kando’s technology and the application of the technology by key personnel in Hagihon, its operational competence and the capability of the Kando Wastewater Management Solution’s technological systems to lead to the location and identification of sources of pollution.

Mr. Zohar Yinon the CEO of Hagihon – “This is a breakthrough step in the adoption of technological solutions for the monitoring, early detection, control and management of wastewater network. Beyond the narrowing of the technological gap of the wastewater sector, these smart digital solutions enhance significant efficiencies and pushing the envelope of company’s O&M performance”.

The drill took place within the broader context of Kando’s joint efforts with Hagihon, the first water utility company to transform Jerusalem’s wastewater infrastructure into a smart urban solution within a very challenging high-rise environment, in terms of wastewater management. The exercise was carried out with the aid of smart monitoring units installed in the sewers, which constitute a comprehensive system for managing the sewage network, locating pollutants and reacting in real time. Mobile, simple to operate, and energy efficient, the units monitor the quality of the sewage 24/7.

Kando works to lead innovation and efficiency in the wastewater network and it does so through groundbreaking technologies and processes. Through the proper deployment of smart units, Kando’s solution knows how to identify a pollution event across over thousands of kilometers of sewage lines based on unique data analytics and machine learning. It can direct the utility to locate sources of pollution, to warn and prepare the treatment plant for an anticipated contamination, managing the sewage system in a smart and efficient manner.

These innovative solutions change the way we see the wastewater world. Instead of responding to contaminations, we will detect them in advance and avoid routine events.” – Mr. Yinon